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Support Services

As part of a growing community, we recognize there are opportunities for young professionals, new graduates, and seasoned experts to make a meaningful impact in the local labour force.  We also recognize there are often barriers and challenges that come with new hires who may not be familiar with  the industry. That's where we come in! 

If you're an employer looking to fill permanent or temporary shortages, please reach out and book an initial meeting. We'd love to know how we can help fill the gaps and introduce you to some of the local talent!

If you're a newcomer student  to the Moncton area (or maybe you haven't even landed yet), we'd like to help get you settled.  Whether it be helping you sort out your banking information, shopping for winter clothing (did we mention it gets cold in Moncton?), registering for a SIN card, finding part-time work (various NOCs) by connecting you to employers, or helping you get your first bag of groceries, we offer a variety of newcomer services tailored to the individual.  

Reach out today to find out more:

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