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A family-run business managing logistics, transportation, and other support-based projects in Atlantic Canada.  Based in Moncton, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia, and serving all of the Maritimes.

 Greenhaven Management, Logistics and Transportation division, began as a small scale courier delivery company with less than 5 vans with product being delivered by the owners themselves. When a global pandemic took over in 2020, we decided to reaffirm our position in the market and focus our efforts more intensely into the transportation world. 

Fast forward 3 years , Greenhaven  Transportation  has worked very hard to build its fleet to 15 trucks  In Moncton , and is honored to have alliances with some of the largest clients in the Maritimes .   

Today,  our core business is Regional linehaul support,    Port drayage ,  Rail cartage & shunting  

Our primary focus is building our team  and working on providing an exceptional customer experience .

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